• buttonOur first Etsy store is launched
  • Conversations to partner RecycloCraftz with GO Ministries (org) are started
  • Officially partners with GO Ministries (org)


  • Taste of Zambia five year anniversary fundraiser is held
  • Tracy Murray returns to work as an occupational therapist in the United States of America
  • Tracy Murray begins teaching Zambian RecycloCraftz members computer skills


  • RecycloCraftz holds the first organizational meeting at Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, Kentucky
  • RecycloCraftz is featured in Today’s Woman Magazine Repurpose Issue


  • Marissa Knoll, an American missionary, begins overseeing Zambian operations
  • RecycloCraftz becomes an official 501c3 nonprofit organization in the United States of America


  • bananasMarissa Knoll oversees the transformation of a shipping container to a functioning RecycloCraftz workshop
  • Several members learn basic sewing skills to create a wider variety of items
  • RecycloCraftz applies for and receives a significant grant from the Prospect/Goshen, Kentucky Rotary Club
  • RecycloCraftz moves to a larger storage unit in the United States of America

Contact RecycloCraftz to help make more milestones possible!



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