Bridget Konsonso

PictureBridget is 26 years old and married with two children ages 6 and 8.  She and her husband are  also responsible for the care and school fees for her twin brothers who were left orphaned after Bridget’s father died.  In addition, they also care, for another nephew. Bridget dropped out of school in the ninth grade; her work with RecycloCraftz is her first job. Bridget heard about us from a friend who invited her to join.  Bridget’s knitting skills helped her catch on quickly to crafting hand bags. Bridget’s income allows her to add to the income her husband makes as a taxi driver.  Through the RecycloCraftz savings program Bridget is learning how to save for her money and budget for the future.

Prayer needs:  “Pray that the handbag ministry expands that we be able to make more bags and have a greater income.”