Ireen Chilangwa


PictureIreen Chilangwa is 16 years old. Like many high school students, she has big dreams of attending college. She wants to be a lawyer, or psychologist, or maybe both! But Ireen lives in a poor family in Zambia, and some of her siblings have not been able to even graduate high school, much less pursue advanced degrees. However, Ireen can continue to dream big dreams – thanks to RecycloCraftz, she can pay her school fees. Every year she can afford to stay in school is one year closer to her dreams.

Ireen came to the RecycloCraftz project almost by accident, when her mother Mary Mwanga was unable to bring completed handbags. Instead Ireen came, was invited to stay, and has been part of it ever since. She is one of many children. She loves her family very much, especially her mother, who has cared for them all since her father passed away in 2007. Her nieces always put a smile on her face.

Besides attending school and making handbags Ireen’s honesty and dependability has singled her and her sister, Wendy, out as the bookkeepers in the project as well as liners for the handbags. Ireen has devoted many long hours to seeing that the bags are finished and ready to be shipped to the US.

Ireen is active in her church, singing in the Divine Faith choir at Winner’s Chapel. She loves dancing. Ireen also has a mind open to learning new things and finding out about other cultures.

Pray for Ireen, that she will have wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Pray for success as she dreams big dreams – that, thanks to RecycloCraftz, are just a little more possible.Picture