Josina Muvwanga

PictureJosina Muvwanga is a 52 year old mother and grandmother. Together with her husband, she has raised five children and now helps care for eight grandchildren. One of her children and two of her grandchildren still live with Josina and her husband.
Josina works in an orphanage, caring for Zambia’s children who have lost their parents in the AIDS epidemic. Mrs Murray and her children visited that orphanage regularly to read and share the Gospel with the orphans. When Mrs Murray saw Josina crocheting, she realized that she would be an excellent asset to bring on board with the RecycloCraftz project.  Not only did she possess beautiful crocheting skills and the ability to teach others, she also was a Godly woman with a passion for prayer that helps sustain the ministry.  She has become a trusted friend and adviser, bringing an ability to help Tracy share with the women when triumphs and challenges come along. The money Josina makes from crocheting handbags helps pay the tuition for one of her daughters, who is in college. It also helps put food on the table where three generations gather to eat every day.

Josina has cared for not only her own children and grandchildren, but also orphaned children. Her prayer is that the money she earns from RecycloCraftz will enable her to continue caring for those that God brings across her path.