Karen Chilangwa

PictureKarren Chilangwa is a 24-year-old single mother to a baby girl. She lives at home with her mother Mary Mwanga and siblings. Her family is her top priority. Like her sisters, her mother first introduced her to the Recyclocraftz project. At first, she helped other family members with their handbags – helping her mother crochet or pitching in when Ireen needed a hand. Later, she asked to join the project herself.

Karren’s income from Recyclocraftz helps her family in many ways. It has allowed her younger brothers to stay in school. Karren herself has not finished high school, although she is hopeful that the handbag project may someday bring in enough income for her to go back to school. However, the basics come first – Recyclocraftz helps pay the rent and electricity for the home where Karren lives with her baby girl, mother, and siblings.

Pray for Karren, that her family will have enough to meet their basic needs and possibly enough for her own education.