Kelvin Mwansa

PictureKelvin Mwanza is 27 years old.  He was born second to last of 9 siblings; two of them have died already.  Kelvin never knew his father, but helps support his 65-year-old mother while she works on and off as a nanny.  His mother supports five orphaned cousins and five orphaned nieces and nephews.  A few of Kelvin’s siblings also work to help support the family.  Kelvin was educated in the capital city of Lusaka, but became too sick with Tuberculosis to finish his grade 12 exams.

After Kelvin’s health improved, he began to do artwork in hopes of earning money to return to school.  His mother’s boss was an art teacher at the American school crafting wire figures and paintings.  The teacher became interested in Kelvin’s work and encouraged him to sell it. At 19 Kelvin began selling his artwork in the Dutch Reformed Craft Market.  A Baptist woman saw a nativity he designed and now people are copying his designs and Kelvin is earning a good income. Kelvin employs a number of orphaned to keep up with the demand for his artwork.  Because of Kelvin’s artistic success, he is able to move forward and support himself. He dreams of having a big home where he can help orphans and aid them in developing their talents in art.  Kelvin already has people asking for help but has no place to teach them.

RecycloCraftz is helping Kelvin to make his dream possible.