Martha Phiri


Martha Phiri has five children ages, 26, 24, 20, 17 and 9 years old.  She went to school through grade nine. She attends Shepard Place  Pentecostal Church.  Martha used to crochet other things and one of the people she knew told her about RecycloCraftz when it was an early start-up.  She became one of RecycloCraftz’s  first artisans making beautiful multicolored purses from plastic grocery bags. Her purses became prototypes for many future creations.

Martha’s favorite thing to make is jewelry, especially the seed and glass bead bracelets.  Headbands and patchworks are second place favorites. She used to have a tailoring shop but business was slow so she had to close. She dreams of buying a house and a car and would love to be a electrician.  With sponsorship she would be able to help buy food for her family.