Patricia Nyirenda

PicturePatricia Nyirenda lives with her widowed mother, her husband, and their son and daughter. Her husband does tailoring in the Kamanga market. Before RecycloCraftz, her only source of income was from collecting glass bottles for recycling. Patricia would pay children a little bit of money to bring her glass bottles, and she would turn them in for the deposit. Each bottle is worth only a few cents. 

Patricia heard about RecycloCraftz from Mary Nankolowe, an active member. She learned to crochet by making the handbags. Selling handbags helps pay the bills when her husband doesn’t have much tailoring work. Now they can afford food, rent and lotion. It also enables her 9-year-old daughter to stay in school. 

Patricia herself had to drop out of school after 5th grade, when her father passed away. RecycloCraftz has given her a chance to learn both English and the Bible. She is grateful for the chance to earn a living by making handbags.