Ruth Mushili

PictureRuth Mushilli is a 38-year-old widow with 3 children. She works at Chopmore Enterprises but her job is very stressful. She heard about RecycloCraftz from a friend who was in the program. Since then, making handbags has helped Ruth buy food for her children.  Her daughter, Bridget Musando ( also a member of the project), and her orphan nephew, Davson, have also benefited.  They both received an educational micro loan and a scholarship that came from the Educational Scholarship Fund. These funds made it possible for them to resume their education after they dropped out to lack of funds.

Ruth is a woman with a heart after God, who cares deeply for her children. She wants to be a witness as well as a good provider. RecycloCraftz helps her meet both goal, by providing income and a place to fellowship.

Pray that Ruth can find a better job so she can continue to be a good mother to her children.