Party With A Purpose

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Imagine and believe that YOU can impact lives in Zambia. Parties with a Purpose are your way to share the RecycloCraftz mission with friends, co-workers, church mates and others in your community.

Since 2008 ladies across the United States of America have hosted parties or been the catalyst in opening doors where RecycloCraftz products can be sold. As you spread the word about the RecycloCraftz ministry, lives are changing.

Your involvement means children go to school with full tummies, teenage girls return to school , and moms and widowed caregivers are empowered to start businesses of their own, while others build their own outhouses and put electricity in their homes.

To Host a Party

·Decide on a date and approximate size of the group that may attend

·Contact Tracy Murray at or call (717) 344-2530 cell or (502) 384-3279 office

·If you are out of the Louisville, Kentucky area you will be sent products, hostess instruction sheets, brochures, a nine minute DVD on the history and impact of the project, response cards and more

·If you are in the Louisville area or in an area where there is already a RecycloCraftz Distributor, someone can come to your home or church and help with your event with the same items listed above

RecycloCraftz is looking for opportunities to display and sell the products in retail locations as well. Please email for more information.

Card Dump 1-15 328